Live Long and Prosper

A Maze Apothecary Master Blend

When people ask what am I wearing that smells so good, it’s usually Live Long and Prosper. This is one of our newer Master Blends and it quickly became a crowd favorite. Originally intended for personal use (this blend was crafted as a natural, plant based alternative to traditional vaccinations for my first child), the effectiveness of this superstar was too good to keep secret. Now, this is one of Maze Apothecary’s most requested blends, and for good reason. Built on the shoulders of our popular wellness blend Plague Protector; Live Long and Prosper adds extra everything including love, abundance, and clarity magick to what was already a physical wellness classic. Cinnamon, Clove, Rosemary, Turmeric, Lavender, Oregano, Frankincense are an ideal combination for a daily tonic that wards of cold, flu and other sickies; which is just how we like to use it around here. Worn over the chakras and pulse points, we love how cozy, grounded, confident and protected we feel. No matter which mode you choose, we know Live Long and Prosper will become one of your favorites too!

Live Long & Prosper Elixir

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