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Maze Apothecary is a lifestyle brand providing botanical remedies for health and well-being, empowerment and manifestation through an alchemical process of ethnobotany, aromatherapy and positive energy. Our mission is to reconnect the world to the ancient wisdom and healing properties of our planet. We are committed to awakening the world to what’s possible when we intentionally live from and for our environment; nourishing that which nourishes us.

Each Maze Apothecary blend combines pure therapeutic grade essential oils, organic herbs and plants, plus elemental energy and positive intention to support the manifestation of a desired outcome. Our blends cover a variety of needs, including preventative wellness care, corrective health support, vitality, focus, energy, clarity, success and abundance, restfulness and calmness. And every blend is infused with positive energy to facilitate total life alignment.

All of our products are handcrafted in the USA using only natural ingredients and never any synthetic substances. Each blend is intentionally crafted and activated in our sacred rooms by a Master Alchemist. These sacred healing spaces are designed to amplify the natural healing properties of the plants and herbs themselves, as well as codified with elemental energies, crystal energy and sacred geometry.

Whether you choose a product for your home or your body, you and those you come into contact with will experience release and the uplifting benefits of Maze Apothecary products that will surprise and rejuvenate you.

Maze Apothecary is Sourced by
Brandi Mazesticeon;
a multi-generational Medicine Woman of Multi-Ethnic ancestry,
and ran by a small team of
exceptional women.

We offer authentic holistic remedies focused on plant sourced bespoke personal care products.
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