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Divine Health

Divine Health


Every autumn we prepare a blend for the upcoming winter season of wellbeing. Each year what gets created is a little different than the previous year, after all the germs aren’t the same, why should the remedy be any different?


With the persistence of these unprecedented times; we've crafted with a new version of an old favorite that is now available year-round, because why not?


The blend that carries the on the legacy of our Cult Classic: Winter Wellness, touts Lemongrass, Frankincense, Sweet Orange, Basil, Oregano, Cassia and Peppermint essential oils in a base of Fractionated Coconut Oil.


As always, we test drive our blends thoroughly before offering them to you and we are very pleased with the effectiveness (not the mention the delightful aroma) of this year’s blend.


Apply this at the back of your neck and of course the bottoms of your feet before exposure to public places, spaces and faces.


*This blend is extra potent, please keep this away from your senstive places know your eyes, nose, and mouth. :)



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