Created by Moms for Moms think of our Mother's Day gift box as an at home spa in a box (Maze Apothecary style of course ;). We filled this treasure trove with love, peace, confidence, strength and a few of our all time favorite things...


Live Long and Prosper Elixir (15mL) - A Maze Apothecary Master Blend for Wholeness, Health + Wealth :

Built on the shoulders of our popular wellness blend Plague Protector; Live Long and Prosper adds extra everything including love, abundance, and clarity magick to what was already a physical wellness classic. Cinnamon, Clove, Rosemary, Turmeric, Lavender, Oregano, Frankincense are an ideal combination for a daily tonic that wards of cold, flu and other sickies; which is just how we like to use it around here. Worn over the chakras and pulse points, we love how cozy, grounded, confident and protected we feel.


Queen of Hearts (8oz bath salts) -  Key Experiences: Relax * Release * Nourish: 

This is magick designed for royalty. The fulfillment of great responsibility requires a clear mind, an open heart, and an unwavering hand. Queen of Hearts spins a sanctuary of balance, peace, and alignment that provides relaxation, relief, and nourishment. Using Rosemary, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver and Geranium with a hint of Jasmine; the masculine and feminine energies are balanced, aligning mind, body and spirit and grounding your emotions. The Royal You is unleashed.


Queen of Hearts comes with a message: Walk in your truth, faithful to your own destiny and purpose.



Sweet Dreams (10mL) -For a regenerative night’s sleep: 

Sweet Dreams are made of this variation on a theme that takes the classic sleep duo of Lavender and Chamomile and updates it with deeper hints of sweet neroli and sublime sandalwood. The result is the experience of deep relaxation as you fall asleep, letting go of everything as you settle in for Good Night’s Rest followed by a Rejuvenated Sense of Self in the Morning.




Whether you're a new mom, fur mom, adopted mom, or a non-mom, you or some amazing woman you know deserves to be acknowledged everday. Keep Shining!




Gift Box comes w/customization options; enjoy choosing the combination that's right for you! If no customization is selected, original gift box configuration will be shipped. 

Mother's Day Box of Love