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Medicinal Mushroom 4Pk

Medicinal Mushroom 4Pk



We are so excited to share our exceptional Medicinal Mushroom Tinctures with you. We debuted this collection last year in small batches and very limited quantities and the response was overwhelming and unanimous; these tinctures are awesome and a steady supply should be made available at once. So we set about doing just that. You can try each of our four (4) Medicinal Mushroom Tinctures on their own or all together in our Ultimate Mushroom 4-Pk (we highly recommend this experience). Either way, we know you're going to love the vitality and sense of wellbeing that these tinctures provide. As always, we work with local farmers as well as our own Luna y Sol Farm to bring you the very best quality. All of our tinctures are Wild Harvested, and Double Extracted into Organic Alcohol.



  • Reishi Mushroom: balances hormone levels, improves heart and liver function, stabilizes blood sugar levels, and fights allergies, asthma and infection


  • Lion’s Mane Mushroom: protects brain function, relieves inflammation, preserves digestive health and fights free radical formation


  • Chaga Mushroom: enhances endurance, reduces inflammation, stimulates immune function and contains antiviral properties



  • Shiitake Mushroom: supports immunity, fights cancer cells, promotes skin health and supplies a hearty dose of important B vitamins to maintain energy levels
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