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The Healing Powers of Nature

Nature Therapy

Earth echoes and vibrates with the Creator's voice and love. From every mountain, tree, plane, hill and desert, the earth provides powerful healing energies that we need. There are some things that cannot be healed without support from nature. The energy we receive from the sun is irreplaceable, the insight the moon gives in one of a kind, the love and protection the trees provide is like no other. Looking up at the blue vastness of the sky opens our minds to imagination and allows us to dream big things. The earth is magickal, and her magick can be seen and experienced everywhere.

The Skinny on Nature Therapy

As I write this, I am looking out at mountains and green fields. I’m watching cows graze, and listening to birds chat away with each other, flying back and forth. My focus is clearer than it was inside sitting at the table, and my thoughts have become more easy to form. I thought sitting outside would be appropriate as I begin to share with you all the benefits of nature therapy. Nature therapy is also known as ecotherapy or green therapy. This is the practice of ecopsychology. Those of us who practice ecotherapy have the belief that we are all connected and that there is no separation between us. There is no separation between us and nature, and that nature through its complex systems can heal us.

There have been many studies that have shown that a walk in nature, listening to nature, or even looking at a picture of nature can promote positive feelings and emotions, reduce stress, anger, and hyperactivity. Grounding is an easy and common way to connect with nature and receive these positive and healing benefits. Grounding or earthing is the belief and practice that the body can be restored from minor aches and pains to chronic illnesses from the energy that the earth provides. Walking barefoot, lying on the ground, and even wading in or swimming in a lake or ocean are examples of grounding. You can probably now recall times of how good you felt after being outside in the sun, having a picnic or simply reading a book under a tree.

Trees are probably one of my favorite parts of nature. They are wise, majestic, magickal, and loving. And that’s to say the least. Taking a hike in a forest and walking amongst the trees can support you in reducing stress, lower blood pressure, improve your mood, increase your energy, and boost your immune system. Visit our blog, Maze Apothecary Top 5 State Parks for ideas of where you can dive into nature therapy. This could be a great place to start practicing nature therapy. You can also visit a local garden, or even just relax in your own backyard. There are many options available to you.

We encourage you to embrace nature therapy and connect with earth and allow her to show you other ways of physical, emotional, and mental healing in your life. Allow her to touch and enrich your spirit with her goodness. We are connected to each other and the earth. The healing of one will benefit the whole. We are one.


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