The Blessing of Beltane

Beltane, The Fire Festival, May Day, The Festival of Flowers. This beautiful pagan holiday has many names, whatever you like to call it, it is definitely a time of celebration! Blessed be Beltane! The pagan festival of fertility is today. Beltane is a celebration of the marriage of the Goddess and the Green Man, the coming together of Earth and Sky. It’s a time when the energies of the male and female join. The earth’s energies are strong and abundant during this time and nature bids us to come and to give thanks for her richness and beauty.

I personally always imagine a big bonfire when I think of Beltane, which is entirely appropriate considering that the word originates from the Celtic God ‘Bel’, meaning Bright One and the Gaelic word ‘teine’ meaning fire. Traditionally, a sacred fire is lit at Beltane, while all the other fires are put out, and re-lit from the sacred Beltane fire. Flowers are also associated with and a big part of Beltane. Flower crowns and chains were made and worn, and flower baskets were woven and filled with all sorts of herbs and Beltane greenery. If you keep an altar in your home, adding flowers to it would be a wonderful way to honor this holy day. If you do not keep an altar then adorning a vase with a beautiful bouquet will do just fine as well.

Remember, this is a time of celebration, a celebration of coming together, and what’s a celebration without dancing! Dancing around the Maypole is probably one of the more commonly known traditions. The pole, traditionally made from a tree (likely a birch tree) represents God and his strength. The flower ring at the top of the pole represents the fertile Goddess. Ribbons are tied to the pole and as dancers would dance around the pole, the ribbons would weave together representing the coming together of the Lord and Lady, the male and female energies.

Beltane is a holy day, and reminds us to stop and give thanks, to release, to dance, to embrace the fullness of Spring and her abundance. Take advantage of the powerfully fertile energy happening in nature. This is a great time to create anything and everything.

May the God and Goddess and the Elementals bless you now and always be with you.


Honoring the Mother and the Goddess Within

The earliest accounts of Mother’s Day can be found in ancient greek history. In ancient Greece, a celebration in honor of the Goddess Rhea, the mother of gods, would be held in the Spring. Offerings of cakes, drinks, and flowers would be made to her. The ancient Romans also honored their mother goddess, Magna Mater, or ‘Great Mother.’ A temple was built in her honor and in March of each year they would hold a festival called Hilaria to honor her. Gifts would also be brought to her temple. Mother’s Day is on May 9th, and while having a day off from our normal house duties, and receiving gifts and flowers from loved ones are all special indeed, I think this will be a great year for us mothers to honor ourselves by acknowledging and honoring our inner goddess.

How do we do that? I believe to honor our inner goddess we must first acknowledge and honor the Goddess Herself. There is a Goddess, a Great Mother that was as every much a part of our creation as our Father God, and is as every much a part of our divine being and everyday life as well. It is Her divine radiance and beauty that pulsates through our being. It is Her fierce love that we embody as strength, and it is Her mysterious heart that draws us inward to know who we are at our depth. We are made in Her image and Her likeness, Her feminine energy surges through our beings, igniting creativity and power within us.

We give, create, and sustain life just as our Great Mother does for all of mankind. She is great! The Goddess is great, and Her greatness will no longer go unnoticed, it will no longer be hidden. As the Goddess has returned, so must we. Return to and embrace our divine femininity and learn what it is to give and provide to this earth and all of humanity.

I spent most of my life getting to know my Father God, I am just now learning about my Mother God. I encourage you to honor Her this Mother’s Day (and everyday). Make an offering of flowers, light a candle in Her honor, honor Her with your time and conversation. Get to know Her, and as you do you will begin to see Goddess every time you look in the mirror. You will begin to hear Goddess everytime you speak, and you will feel the power of love and justice rise up in you when you witness hate and injustice. Humanity needs us, the divine feminine. This is the key, this is the answer to the change people are longing to see in our world. This is what will bring peace amongst nations, tribes, and races. This is the revival that the Christians have been praying for. This is our remedy to sickness, hunger, war and death. The Great Mother, the Goddess. Me and you. Happy Mother’s day lovelies! You are great!