Astro-Diary September 8th

Updated: Sep 10, 2018

Sun Virgo

Moon sextile Venus (6:31 am PDT v/c)

Moon Virgo (7:29 am PDT)

Moon trine Uranus Rx Taurus

Moon trine Saturn Capricorn

Venus LIbra square Mars Capricorn

Moon conjunct Mercury Virgo

All Hail the Queen!

The Leo Moon rendezvous in Venus briefly before joining the Sun and Mercury in Virgo this morning.

This abundance of Earth Energy today gives us a sense of steady progress through practical tasks.

Trine Uranus Rx in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn, the Virgo Moon deftly dances with the Grand Earth Trine and conjuncts Mercury in Virgo at the same time. Virgo, the sign of the Virgin and season of Earth Goddess energy and the second harvest. The Goddess as the Maid now, full and ripe and crowned with yellow flowers and autumn leaves.

Speaking of Goddesses, Venus is at home in Libra and square Mars in Capricorn triggering that age old complaint between the sexes and giving us an opportunity to choose balance in our relationships. It's high time we recognize that a large part of what keeps us repeating lessons in life is that we are fundamentally disconnected at the level of human being to human being relationships.

All of the Goddess energy pouring in isn't to overtake the Masculine, but to show Patriarchy for the deceptive illusion that it is and to balance the Masculine bringing a state of harmony to the being of human beings and aligning with the natural design of the planet.

Tomorrow's New Moon in Virgo is the 9.9.9 portal of Completion. Here we have the opportunity to complete for good any of the denser frequencies we've discovered and unconcealed as Mars and Saturn have now moved direct. This is an ideal time to formalize your intentions of a new reality by participating in whatever form of ritual appeals to you.

No matter how you spend your day know that it is perfect and allow yourself to go with the flow.