Maze Apothecary Top 5 State Parks

Majestic, healing, and enchanting are just a few words that come to mind when I think about Maze Apothecary’s top 5 state parks to visit. We recommend these beautiful serene locations to visit to hike, camp, and/or sight see as a way to immerse yourself in nature. Allowing nature to work it’s magick on you by simply being with her is a way to raise your vibrations, heal yourself, and come into alignment with your higher self. Gaia is here to impart her wisdom, strengthen, soothe, and nurture us. We need only to partake of the gifts she offers us freely. As you take in the breathtaking views of Niagara Falls, or camp in Yellowstone, or ground yourself at the Grand Canyon, you may likely experience your stress, aches and pains vanish. Your anxiety and fear be soothed, and your mental fogginess be made clear. May you experience these gifts and much much more. The Universe is always offering us more. Will you receive it? Will you trust your Mother Earth and listen to what she has to say? Nature awaits you...Let’s go!

  1. Niagara Falls State Park - Niagara Falls, NY

2. Emerald Bay State Park - South Lake Tahoe, CA

3. Grand Canyon National Park - Arizona

4. Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming

5. Chimney Rock State Park - Lake Lure, North Carolina