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From Gaia With Love

We have entered a time of rebirth and new beginnings. Mother Earth blesses us with new life all around, from blooming radiant flowers, to freshly budded leaves and little hatchlings. As the weather continues to warm, you would have noticed our pollinator friends returning and buzzing their way around. There are many species of pollinators, however, the most commonly known types are birds, wasps, butterflies, moths and bees. Of course the bee is probably the most known pollinator from that group. Bees are the most important group of pollinating insects and are key not only to the reproduction of hundreds of thousands of wild flowering plants, but also to the yield of about 85 percent of all cultivated crops. Remember that there is a beautiful and delicate balance between the pollinators and the plants.

Successful pollination allows plants to produce seeds, the seeds will then bring forth the next generation of plants and in turn feed the pollinators and other wildlife, while also providing food for the next generation of the human race. On April 22nd we celebrate World Earth Day. This is the perfect time to get outside and connect with Mother Earth and be inspired by the way we are all connected and flow together.

Take time to pause and realize how divinely connected we all are to the Earth and its elements. The Earth that grounds and heals us, Water that nourishes and cleanses us, Air that brings us breath and life, and Fire that warms and purifies us. We need the Earth and the Earth needs us to return to ways of living and being that honors her and in turn sustains us. With World Earth Day coming up on April 22nd we are all being challenged to “Restore Our Earth” and there are many ways that we can be an effective part of restoring our earth.

Check out to see how small actions can make a huge difference for our planet.

One of our favorite ways to reconnect to the Earth is by walking and meditating in cultivated garden spaces. Here are some gardens that we always enjoy when looking for a sacred space - we hope they provide you the atmosphere you need to reconnect to Gaia for yourself.

Central Rose Garden in Schenectady, NY

Fort Tryon Park in NY, NY

Gibbs Garden in Ball Ground, GA

Atlanta Botanical Gardens in Atlanta, GA and also in Gainesville, GA

These lush gardens vibrate with healing and restorative energies that will leave your mind clearer, and your body and soul rejuvenated.

As we go about our day and live our lives, may we do so with the knowledge that we are divine and divinely held and kept and nourished by Gaia. May we also experience a rebirth and a fresh start in the newest that Spring brings, and may we ever be aware of your connection to each other and the earth.

Blessing From Mother Earth

Divine Presence. Creator. Radiant Light.

From Mother Earth who formed you and birthed you.

My beloved children, created from my sacred womb,

clay fashioned from stardust into consciousness –

I am blessing you every moment of every day

with my golden light of life – as my heart’s only longing is to love you

forever. Hear my wisdom in the nature of all beings,

the animals, the plants, the minerals, the rivers and the sky.

My blessings surrounds you as I will always

care for you and provide for you. In eternal devotion

I carry you through the galaxy on the journey of our destiny –

My family, receive my blessings, absorb my love and know that we are

always One.

~ Deirdre Hade


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