Astro-Diary September 9th

Sun Virgo

New Moon Virgo (11:01 am PDT)

Venus → Scorpio

Moon oppose Neptune

Sun conjunct Moon

Moon sextile Jupiter

Moon trine Pluto

Blessed New Moon!

Today packs a whollop! We are diligently in action thanks to the Grand Earth Trine. And the New Moon supports our completing anything that no longer serves us.

Conjunct the Sun in Virgo, this Moon is giving us a whole new life physically. Oppose Neptune Rx in Pisces, the Virgo Moon guides us to take action with clarity.

Venus moves in Scorpio today and gives our root chakra a jumpstart. With all the Earth energy flowing at the same time - we are likely to experience sensuality and sexuality as a part of today's #selfcaresunday routine. The Virgo Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn adding to the sense of embodied pleasure as it sextiles Jupiter in Scorpio granting us access into deeper levels of sexuality if we are bold and brazen enough to let go and flow.

Expect a lot to come up for you around sex and sexuality as long as Venus is in Scorpio.

In the meantime--Celebrate this New Moon by getting rid of whatever you no longer need: clothes, shoes, unaligned relationships.

And Breathe.