Astro-Diary September 7th

Sun Virgo

Moon Leo

Mercury Virgo trine Uranus Rx Taurus

Mercury Virgo trine Saturn Capricorn

Sun oppose Neptune Rx Pisces

Moon Square Jupiter Scorpio

Moon Perigee

We are deep into Goddess territory with today's energy flow being decidedly feminine.

Mercury has joined the Sun in Virgo and is trine Uranus Rx in Taurus and Saturn in Capricorn. All of our wheels are turning and we can hear our intuition loud and clear.

At the same time the Virgo Sun opposes Neptune Rx at home in Pisces. This aspect provides an uncanny balance allowing us to take practical action towards our dreams.

The Moon in Leo is square Jupiter in Scorpio, challenging us to live our truth, if it means letting go of trying to control how others see us. This moon is also Perigee, meaning closest to Earth in its orbit. Its effects on us are enhanced in this position. This is a day of unexpected poetry and strategic planning. Use today's energy to make moves in whatever area your heart chooses, allowing space for physical care ads well. Embrace this season of focused and precise energy to create a solid foundation to build on in 2019. The plans and actions you undertake in Virgo will mature in Pisces (2019).

Relax and get comfortable creating consciously your reality.