Astro-Diary September 6th

Sun in Virgo

Moon --> Leo

Moon squares Venus

Saturn Direct

Moon opposes Mars

Mercury quincux Chiron

Moon square Venus

Neptune PrG

Lets start with Saturn moving Direct today and that will set the tone for the rest of this epic day.

Saturn stations direct today after being Rx since April. At home in the sign of Capricorn since December 2017, Saturn will continue to fulfill his task as The Great Taskmaster here until 2020. Working from home- Saturn is able to fully express it’s powers and we are fully able to learn our lessons with greater clarity. As Saturn stations and moves direct today we will feel a surge of inner power and a push forward as we find our feet again and forge ahead.

Saturn is all about taking responsibility and this transit in particular partners with the Virgo Sun to teach us to take responsibility for our health and our money. That’s right, and we are in this energy through December so go ahead and get straight about the areas of your physical health and wellness where you’ve been avoiding reality and being responsible. Include your finances or lack of and tell the truth about where you make promises to yourself an others financially and neglect to take the actions that would have you fulfill on your promises.

The Saturn Rx we are emerging from provided us with 6 months of reviewing our goals and accomplishments: what propels us and what stops us. Armed with the knowledge, start today and use the energy of Saturn Direct in Virgo season to implement a working plan for a sustainable life: physically and financially. Also, make no mistake-the Universe is asking us to do this NOW for a reason. We don’t have to know why to ‘go with the flow’ and bring integrity to the foundation of our life and lifestyle.

The Moon moves into Leo this morning and we are ‘buoyed’ by this fiery energy. At the same time the Moon is quite subdued as it squares Venus in Libra and Uranus Rx in Taurus while being opposed by Mars in Capricorn.

Mercury is quincux Chiron Rx in Pisces and gives rise to a new world of communication in which we are able o assimilate our thoughts and feelings into verbal form. Guided by a passionate Leo Moon our souls are driven to freedom and supported by The Great Taskmaster, we are laying the groundwork that will enable us to win the long game.

Neptune joins the party by moving Perigee- point in it’s orbit closest to Earth, giving us an extra dose of extra sensory and extra-dimensional realities.

This is set to be an epic day, not because of the grand and obvious, but because today will prove to be a proverbial line in the sand for the future of the human species.

Speak Your Truth

And choose your Reality wisely

After all, we are co-creating

It with each other as we go.