Astro-Diary September 5th

Sun in Virgo

Moon in Cancer

Sun sextile Moon

Moon trine Neptune

Mercury quincux Mars

Moon trine Jupiter

Moon oppose Pluto

Mercury --> Virgo

The Virgo Sun and Cancer Moon play nicely together today working sextile with each other.

If yesterday was about feeling our feelings then today is definitely about accepting the reality that our feelings have been trying to tell us something all along.

The Moon in Cancer is trine both Neptune Rx in Pisces and Jupiter in Scorpio. This aspect combination functions like an open door into the etheric realms; the realm of our soul. Many of us are dealing with deep-seated traumas and past life dramas that have recently surfaced. Thanks to Neptune and Jupiter’s energy, we can see into the other side and feel that this uncomfortable task of accepting the reality of our feelings is for our good and for our growth.

Oppose Pluto Rx in Capricorn, the Moon is not asking us to dig deep, but rather to accept the reality of our ancestral lineage as we allow our feeling to speak their truth in our lives versus our default of using our feelings as offensive and defensive weapons. This isn’t about transformation –this is about acceptance which in it’s own subtle way absolutely transforms.

Mercury in Leo moves quincux Mars before continuing on to join the Sun in the sign of Virgo later today. Whenever Mercury moves, expect communications of all kinds to increase. Mercury in Virgo brings clarity and order to our thoughts and gives us the gift of clear speech. Mercury meeting the Sun in Virgo is like being given a platform to speak with certainty and authority about what we have learned so far on our journey. And thanks to Mercury gathering some of Mars’ fiery energy on its way to meet the Sun-we are gifted with a shot of confidence as we speak-focused on our message more than our motives.

This will be a heavy day for some and a rather slow day for others. No matter how the day flows, know that all is well as we are integrating on such deep levels not that nothing could ever be the same in our or around us.

Remember to Breathe

As every breath is Sacred

And we are in the process

Of reclaiming our Divinity