Astro-Diary September 3rd

Sun in Virgo

Moon in Gemini

Moon square Neptune

Mercury sextile Venus

Moon trine Venus

Moon sextile Mercury

Happy Labor Day!

Today brings the beautiful balance of the Divine Marriage into form. Perfect flow for the North American observance of Labor Day which celebrates the impact of laborers and workers in our society.

The Gemini Moon square Neptune Rx in Pisces snapping us out our reveries and into a gentle yet focused energy flow.

Mercury in Leo sextile Venus in Libra and we can now authentically speak up and speak out about our relationships; with ourselves and each other. This is a diplomatic aspect allowing us to speak and hear from the head and the heart.

Reinforcing the days theme of ‘Harmonic Production’, Venus trines the Moon as the Moon sextiles Mercury.

Teamwork and Collaboration is the order of the day. Allow yourself to go with the flow. This is set to be a challenging month and today is an opportunity to just Be.