Astro-Diary September 2nd

Sun in Virgo

Moon in Gemini

Sun square Moon

Whenever the Sun and Moon square off the energy is usually discombobulating and challenging.

Today’s energy currents vacillate between the anxious and intelligent Virgo Sun and the nervy and witty Gemini Moon.

We are likely to be in our heads today, our brains clicking away the hours – jumping from one thought to another. When we communicate today it will be from our thoughts and we may sound analytical, insightful and even a little scattered.

Overall this is a great flow for #selfcaresunday, connecting with nature and expressing your sensuality in a fun and playful way; all of which will be recurring themes this month.

Use today’s subtle but powerful energies wisely and enjoy being wherever you are.

Know that we are moving from a Patriarchal paradigm to a Balanced Reality based on the Divine Marriage of the Sacred Masculine and the Sacred Feminine. We are at the beginning of shifting our way of ‘getting things done’ and this is likely to be challenging transition for most.

Remember to watch your thoughts and choose only to allow to you that which is in alignment with your desires.