Astro-Diary September 10th

Sun in Virgo

Moon in Libra

Venus quincux Chiron

Moon trine Mars

Moon square Saturn

Mars à Aquarius

Venus is in Scorpio and already challenging us with a quincux stance to Chiron Rx in Aries. Our past stories about our own sexuality as well as that of the opposite gender are coming up for air. The Libra Moon supports our airing out and our quest for balance by forming a trine with Mars (ruler of Aries) in Capricorn before Mars moves into Aquarius later this afternoon.

Saturn, now moving direct and exalted at home in Capricorn is square this Libran Moon- pushing us to take action on anything that would foster our sense of achievement and setting the stage for a pivotal turning point in the misaligned paradigm of the Feminine and Masculine polarities as we have been living them.

We are being guided to truly care for ourselves and for each other under the Virgo Sun of Service. More importantly- we are being asked to serve and to be responsible for recharging and rejuvenating ourselves as we do so (That’s what all the purging this year has been about- accelerating our expanded capacity for a new way of being and living).

Bottom Line: Expect a new experience in the realm of relationships. Allow yourself to authentically indulge in whatever way best aligns with your purpose and passion. Accept with gratitude both the live you are living and that which you have yet to manifest as you remember this time of year that you reap what you sow.