Astro-Diary July 9th

Sun in Cancer

Moon in Gemini

Moon square Venus

Moon trine Mars

Mercury square Jupiter

Venus --> Virgo

Pluto Perigee

Expect the Unexpected today!

The Moon moves into Gemini today, supporting our ability to hear other perspectives and change our minds in areas where we've previously been stuck/unwilling to move. While Gemini isn't known for its desire to dive deep, Pluto's close proximity to the planet is compelling us to do just that. Don't be surprised if what starts out as a light and humorous conversation turns into a deep and lengthy one.

Thanks to Venus' transition to Virgo - we are able to bring harmony and organization to our lives, even if the Gemini moon squaring Venus precludes this organization in our thoughts and communications.

What does seem easy today is "doing something". The moon trines Mars empowering our sense of get up and go. Where we go doesn't matter- we're just ready to rock.

Mercury ruler of Gemini is square Jupiter, leaving our technology and communication a bit scattered, but no matter- at least we're ready to listen and obey, even if we don't have clarity- at least we have courage.

Today is a great day for a scenic drive in the country, beautiful sex with your partner and listening to your friends and co-workers in a whole new way.