Astro-Diary July 8th

Sun in Cancer

Sun trine Neptune

Son sextile Moon

Moon in Taurus

Moon square Mercury

Moon oppose Jupiter

Moon sextile Neptune

Moon trine Pluto

It’s Funday Sunday, but the moon is in Taurus in working overtime preparing us for the upcoming eclipse is, the first of which happens this week on Thursday!

The Taurean moon trines Pluto, demanding that we dig deep for the truth regarding our sense of sexuality, and our collective fear of death. Sextile Neptune, This moon supports our anchoring into reality and our recognizing all the areas where we are still living our lives conceptually. Jupiter is in opposition to this moon, so don’t worry if you don’t feel high on life today – remember this is a time for planting and fertilizing, not flying.

Mercury squares off this moon leaving us thinking in concrete terms, no matter what you say today, it will have the ring of truth to it, even if it’s not pretty.

The sun trines Neptune, working sextile with the moon to shine the light on what is fantasy and what is fiction in our lives- helping us to distinguish our thoughts and feelings from reality and what’s possible.

Use today to get grounded in reality. Allow yourself the gift of expressing your truth with your body through song and dance.


After all what your life looks today is not how it will look in 90 days.

Carpe Diem