Astro-Diary July 7th

Sun in Cancer

Moon in Taurus

Moon trine Venus

Moon conjunct Uranus

Moon trine Saturn

Moon square Mars

The moon moves into Taurus today moving us into steady and persistent action around whatever we started yesterday. This is the time to plant seeds and ideas, as well as let go of what has been weighing us down under the false flag of security.

This moon trines Venus in Leo, encouraging us to express and indulge our sensual nature. Eat drink and be merry as you consider your long-term goals and accomplishments thanks to the Saturn trine aspect of this Taurus moon. Taurus is preoccupied with the tangible, material world – exactly the place were Saturn likes to teach it’s lessons.

At the same time, Uranus the Great Rebeller is conjunct this moon; enhancing our urge to revolutionize, to express our sensuality and love of life in our own unique wayDefinitely an auspicious time for the pride festivities taking place worldwide.

This moon square is Myers who is still retrograde an Aquarius until August. We may find ourselves revisiting all the power plays of our past as we figure out how to express our true nature in the present; all while surfing the waters of the Cancer Sun.

Oh, did I mention there are now eight heavenly bodies retrograde? Yeah, this is happening. All over the world and justices, discrimination against women (Lilith is retrograde as well), and abuses of power are coming up and coming out for all to see. Truth is though, none of us can really be proud as we observe the reality of the world we’ve created so far. A world where “liberty and justice for all” has become a tagline for a country gone mad - poisoned by its own false sense of power.

Let’s all use this #RetrogradeSeason to co-create a world that works for everyone. One where we all have #Pride in ourselves, our communities, and our race. The Human Race.