Astro-Diary July 6th

Sun in Cancer

Waning half Moon in Aries

Sun square Moon

Moon square Pluto

Many of you are fighting the urge to rest. Don’t. This is the desire of the universe pulsing through you.

Today may be one of “those“ days for some of you. Where you can’t tell whether you’re coming or going; whether to laugh or cry, run for the hills or kick up your heels and dance.

Whichever and however; go easy on yourself and others today. Avoid confrontation when possible, and if all else fails – take a long sea salt bath. After all, today is Friday and this is a great day for day of rest.

The nurturing cancer sun and the feisty Aries Moon are squaring off before the moon shifts into Taurus tomorrow. The feisty Aries moon is also square Pluto planet of mystery, death, sex and transformation.

If you find yourself not wanting to jump into anything today – don’t worry, the energies of the day are thick and passionate; like a sultry summer night, too hot for close encounters and clingy enough to make your skin crawl. Today is like a swamp – murky and teeming with life. A little smelly at times, but no less powerful and formidable.

I recommend Howlite, Red Coral, Black Jasper and Green Aventurine today – in whatever form or combination you like.

Remember, it’s OK to take time for yourself – consider using today as a self-care day. Goodness knows the only thing for a day like today is a huge helping of self-love.


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