Astro-Diary July 31st

Sun in Leo

Moon in Pisces

Moon conjunct Neptune

Mars PrG

Moon sextile Pluto

Moon conjunct Venus

Today is all about –‘all the feel’s.’. It’s a funny sort of day, nebulous for some and sparkling with crystal clarity for others. The sensitive and empathic Pisces Moon is supporting Neptune Rx (in Pisces) and Venus ( in Virgo) as they show us how to create reality in the 4th and 5th dimensions.

This is heady stuff. So far we’ve created our collective reality based on agreements made out of fear. Agreements like: “ we can’t trust other people who don’t look/think/act like us.” Because our former collective agreements on reality were created from fear-those agreements have now become our unforgiving barriers to the lives we truly want.

Thanks to all of the cosmic help, the path is paved for us to create our collective reality from Desire. By now we know fear contracts and Love expands; so any future created from Love is bound to be marked by freedom and inclusivity for All.

Sextile Pluto- planet of transformation and rebirth, this Pisces Moon is allowing us to feel into our truth and invites us to create our individual realities as an outflow of truth and desire. So many of us are underdeveloped in working with Desire, and so the boundlessness of Neptune in Pisces and the diligence of Pluto and Capricorn are an ideal combination for us to access our Desire through the watery realms of our emotions.

Of course this requires that we’ve done the work of embracing our emotions before we can work with and create for their guidance. (For more on working with Desire and your emotions rather than suppressing them, reach out for an Alignment Call: complimentary to all Awakened Astrology Subscribers) Mars Rx in Aquarius is the ideal backfrop for us to re-examine our past relationship with our desires and emotions, and how we’ve worked with or against them and our highest purpose. Once we recongnize our emotions for what they truly are; accepting ourselves and other becomes second nature.

Let Go & Flow today. Honor your emotions and do what nourishes your soul. We are moving deeper into the Lion’s Gate and are resetting to receive insight and guidance from the higher dimension with frequency and ease. Everyone is a prophet today. The visions and dreams of what’s possible in the New Earth: a Reality Consciously Created by the Collective, are with us as we wake and as we sleep.

Capture your insights and dreams in a journal and get ready to live your highest truth as your greatest reality.

Crystal feels: Amethyst, Labradorite

Stay Hydrated