Astro-Diary July 30th

Sun in Leo

Moon in Pisces

Moon square Jupiter

The Piscean Moon is sensitive, empathic and imaginative; so let’s all be gentle with each other today, okay?

We are all still downloading and integrating the energy influxes from the most recent eclipse as we move through the Lion’s Gate. Our energy ebbs and flows now- this is our new normal. Trine Jupiter in Scorpio, this moon supports our new reality by granting us the space to feel everything without shame, remorse or guilt.

We are free to embrace our emotions as a vital part of our wholeness; an apt teacher to somewhat recalcitrant students. Tears may flow more easily now, allow it. Recognize the purge that is happening on a quantum level and release.

Honor yourself and recharge today. Take time to ground and center as you learn more about the new and upgraded you.

But most importantly- BREATHE.

So much that we’ve been resisting and avoiding is now sitting squarely in our lap. And this time- we CAN handle the truth, about ourselves and the world around us.

The veil is all but gone and now is The Reckoning. Be ready to stand in your truth moving forward, or be prepared to be called out.

There is no more hiding; for evil or for good men. We are all exposed and at work stepping into being seen in the Light; the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Let’s transmute ALL back to Love.