Astro-Diary July 29th

Sun in Leo

Moon in Pisces

Moon sextile Uranus

Moon sextile Saturn

In case you hadn’t noticed, we have entered the Lions Gate (July 27-Aug 11). Awakening is inevitable for humanity now; the higher frequencies being transmitted through our Sun from the Great Central Sun beyond our galactic borders literally can’t be stopped and won’t stop.

So let’s talk integration. Energy integration that is. By now many of you are aware of the impact of these higher frequencies on your physical bodies incl. fluctuations in appetite, and interrupted sleep patterns.

Today the moon moves into Pisces, giving us extra-sensory abilities and the opportunity to act on our feelings from a place of healing and inspiration rather than fear and worry.

Allow yourself to feel into your body, soul and mind today. What would be the most beneficial way for you to integrate the new increased energy that is coursing through your body and the world around you? Perhaps more sleep? Some of you may find that walking barefoot instantly provides relief from the tension headaches and stuffiness you’ve been experiencing. Others of you may discover that you have lost your taste for certain foods, music and even people. It’s all ok. Trust Yourself and Let Go of What no longer Flows.

As we continue deeper into the Lions Gate; prepare for sustained levels of elevated energy. Resistance: making yourself stay awake when you’re sleepy, ignoring your intuition etc…will only make this amazing cosmic detox feel like a vise grip on your soul. Relax. It’s the Lions Gate- and noone is coming out on the other side the same way they entered.

Lots of messages are coming through in dreams now; we are ready to receive on a deeper level. Pay attention to your dreams, visions, flashes of light at the periphery of your field of vision. The veil is all but dissolved, and our otherworldly friends (and frenemies) are eager to interact with us in a whole new way.

Crystal feels: Ameythst, Emerald, Selenite and Black Tourmaline