Astro-Diary July 28th

Sun in Leo

Moon in Aquarius

Moon square Jupiter

We’ve got 6 heavenly bodies in Rx motion now.

The energy from the eclipse gateway is coming through in waves, and each wave deposits new truths as it washes away old paradigms. This is an Aquarius Moon for sure. Seeking to relieve the pressure of the #retrogradeseason; this Moon squares Jupiter in Scorpio and asks us to shift our focus from our inner work and individual growth, and focus on ourselves as a collective.

With the Sun shining in Courageous and Bold Leo, now is our chance to take inspired action and do what we know will allow us to live authentically as individuals and creatively as a collective.

With the outer planets all in Water and Earth signs; we are in a collective classroom, learning how to value ourselves and others outside of the illusion of separation. We are reviewing our past ways of placing value outside of ourselves, and the impact of that system: we are all tired, overworked, underpaid and wishing we were someone other than who we are. We are tasked with questioning and revamping our entire value system; from how we acquire our material comforts to how much comfort we actually require (i.e., is eating meat a right or a necessity?).

Today, we are likely to see something newly as it relates to value, both inherent and perceived, money, home and what has blocked our expansion in these areas. Don’t be surprised to discover the sources of your blocks and suffering are self-created and imposed illusions.

Remember to Love Yourself and Practice Gratitude. Give thanks for we were once blind, but now we are beginning to see.