Astro-Diary July 27th

Sun in Leo

Sun oppose Moon

Full Moon in Aquarius

Total Lunar Eclipse (1:21pm PDT)

Moon square Uranus

Moon conjunct Mars

Venus trine Pluto

Today’s much heralded eclipse happens this afternoon in North America, and will be visible from South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.

No matter where you are geographically, the impact of today’s astrological event horizon will be felt energetically by all.

The Aquarian Moon is relaxed, community minded, friendly and stubborn all at the same time. Light on the emotional side this #FullMoonMagick is idealistic and a great team player, which is exactly the attitude needed for the New Earth.

This eclipse is potent and crucial to our evolution/ascension. This week leading up to today has shown us clearly all the ways we manipulate and lie to ourselves and others. As the light of the Moon returns after being covered by the sun, allow authenticity full access, and stand up for your truth in the world.

This is all apart of a cosmic shakedown remember? This eclipse is set to expose us all, as well as disclose the truth to us all.

If you’ve used the pre-game season wisely, today will be an awkward day of opposites, filled with heightened clarity and synchronistic events.

If however you resisted the opportunity to pre-game this weeks transformational rollercoaster, today will likely be uncomfortable and unsettling. Expect the unexpected as your world is toppled much like the Tower card in the Tarot. Nothing to fear- the universe is just demanding that we all live authentically from here on out. – NBD

Regardless of how your day flows; remember you are the creator of your reality and everything around you is a reflection of all that is within you.

For a little support today; soak in a sea salt bath, seek out your selenite, moonstone, pearls and citrine as these crystals are particularly useful in balancing the massive energy fluxes of the next few days.

Stay Hydrated & Eat your Veggies!


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