Astro-Diary July 26th

Sun in Leo

Sun quincux Saturn

Sun oppose Mars

Moon in Capricorn

Moon trine Venus

Moon conjunct Pluto

Moon ApG

Today we may feel the pressure of the Leo Sun opposing Mars Rx in Aquarius. This is of course the pre-game show of tomorrow’s eclipse.

The Moon is brightly and diligently finishing its work in ambitious Capricorn; trine Venus in Virgo and conjunct Pluto Rx in Capricorn. We are determined to learn and leave our lessons behind us as we press forward into the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius that is already pulling us into much bigger waters.

Mercury moved Rx in Leo yesterday setting the stage for our diligence today. We know we are in the final hours before our much anticpated New Earth launch, and we are all hunkered down to put finishing touches on our recent upgrades and downloads.

If your inner vision work feels complete, then please support the collective by getting outside and planting something today- even if it’s just your bare feet on bare earth. Unplug today and recharge with Nature.

Today is a dress rehearsal. Curtain goes up tomorrow afternoon. Trust yourself. Our Time is Now.