Astro-Diary July 25th

Sun in Leo

Sun square Uranus

Moon in Capricorn

Moon sextile Jupiter

Moon sextile Neptune

Mercury Rx Leo

Yay! Mercury moves retrograde tonight! But seriously, today should be fun thanks to the Capricorn moon ( I know, I said Capricorn and fun in the same breath-stay with me), working tirelessly with Jupiter and Neptune both in water signs, to solidify our newest dicoveries as reality and fact.

The Sun is doing it’s part in Passionately Powerful Leo, and showing us all the ways we sell out on our greatness in order to feel safe. The sheer discomfort we are all suffering from because we’ve been playing small for so long it actually hurts.

And then…Mercury ruler of our thoughts, communications and travel moves retrograde in Leo today. TThe ideal chance to review our thoughts words and deeds under the oh so bright Leo Sun.

Thank goodness the moon is grounded today! We’re in the process of transmutation: bringing our conscious awarenesss to a barrier or block to have it resolve/dissolve.

Purity is a key word in this process. The colors, blue, silver, and gold are supportive. The crystal energies will vary and likely lead to the heart chakra.

Get ready to jump timelines today…