Astro-Diary July 23rd

Sun in Leo

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon square Venus

Moon square Neptune

Calm before the storm. Funny thing is; today is all about the truth taking center stage in our lives.

The shockingly outspoken Sag Moon can speak truth to power; and when combined with the creative and dramatic Leo Sun, can give us a golden opportunity to trust ourselves and say authentically what’s on our minds. We’ve finally become people who can speak our truth and then stand upon it, confident enough to have our own backs and inspire others to do the same.

Too much fire for some and just enough for others; the Leo/Sag mood Is flamboyant, and seasoned with random dance moves. As a collective we have been lightening our souls karmic load and are ready to celebrate something, ANYTHING. By now, many of us can already feel the next eclipse on Friday. We are internally restless, yet grounded as we prepare to be launched into a whole new timeline.

It is crucial that we watch our thoughts from here on out. Mercury moves Rx late Wednesday night, opening a portal before the Blood Moon Eclipse Gateway which opens a mere 27 hours later. Mercury ruler of communication, travel and thought will move Rx in Leo; giving us prime time to review where we’ve given our power away in an attempt to ‘save face’, particularly the areas where our generosity is inauthentic. This work is potent as it will allow us to finally align our willpower (think Leo energy) with our words and thoughts (think Mercury energy)- manifesting (thinks Mars energy) that which we’ve only dreamed of so far (think Neptunian and Aquarius energy).

The Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse that follows opens a gateway along the Leo-Aquarius axis- allowing us to integrate even higher octaves of Ascension codes and giving us a rare opportunity to accelerate our position on the Ascension Spiral (think of jumping 5Dà7D/2 dimensions forward in our collective experience of reality). Needless to say this is a momentous event in the history of our species.

If we are able to focus our thoughts on the world we want to live in; a world that works for all of us, rather than the world we don’t want (our continued focus on what we don’t want has expanded into the chaotic scenes played out daily worldwide. This has been extremely uncomfortable as well as critically necessary for us to discover and experience that our energy really does flow wherever our attention goes. We now understand that our collective focused intent is power and the future is in our hands), we will interrupt our current trajectory/pace and shift to a higher vibration/dimension/reality of our existence. All of our ‘work’ and training has prepared us for this cosmic moment. The New Earth is here and now is our chance to establish her foundations with integrity from the beginning. For all of you who want to see the world a better place, peaceful and inclusive, abundant and thriving. This is your chance.

“Your vote won’t matter at the polls if you haven’t already aligned your mind.”

This week vote with your thoughts. Catch your default thoughts of resignation and cynicism- concerning yourself and others, and examine them for truth (Jupiter in Scorpio will make sure you discover something), and discard whatever is not true. It’s not as easy as it sounds, and sometimes that’s the point. You’re creating a new reality for what it means to be a human being on the planet today. A New Earth built on what is real vs an illusion. I don’t believe this was ever going to be easy. And it can be effortless.

There are enough people awake now that this cosmic shakedown we’re living in will become a part of the Akashic records, we are literally blazing a new trail for consciousness.

Keep your thoughts elevated. Use your tools, I for one will be soaked to my chin in sea salt baths, both eyes closed and third eye open in a room full of smudge smoke surrounded by candles, plants and crystals- can I get a “Thank Goddess” ?!!

Oh last but probably most importantly, use today to begin new way of living: Honoring Who You Are. Acknowledge yourself for being here on Earth at this time and for playing your part on our collective journey. Love Yourself, this uplifts and purifies all of your bodies.

Stay Hydrated.