Astro-Diary July 22nd

Sun in Leo

Moon in Sagittarius

Sun trine Moon

Venus sextile Jupiter

Moon sextile Mars

It’s Leo Season!!

Welcome to the GrandStand and what better way to usher in the Royalty than a star-studded line up like the one we have this week.

First up is Mercury moving retrograde in the sign of Leo on Wednesday; quickly followed by The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in the sign of Aquarius on Friday.

But first a warm-up. Today the Moon is in Sagittarius, lightening our tempers, enforcing our resilience and pushing us for a change of scenery. Sextile Mars, the Sag Moon is impatient with details and restless making this a good day to get out and play.

The Sun is trine this Moon- spreading the light and glow of double fire energy throughout our lives. We are especially prone to expressive and expansive acts of love and generosity today thanks to Venus sextile with Jupiter.

Today is an opportunity to get a glimpse of who we could be if we aligned with our souls purpose; the very thing the upcoming eclipse is about to demonstrate.

Energy feels: Emerald, Heart Chakra expansion, and Grapefruit.

Stay Hydrated. And don't forget to RAWR!