Astro-Diary July 21st

Sun in Cancer

Moon in Scorpio

Moon trine Neptune

Moon sextile Pluto

Moon square Mercury

This Scorpio moon will not stop!!

Just like Scorpio to do the most, and on the last day of #cancerseason!

Trine Neptune, sextile Pluto retrograde in Capricorn and square Mercury in Leo, today is a day of extremes and breakthroughs. We find ourselves with deeper insight and greater clarity around accomplishing our goals.

We’re finally catching on to the New Earth paradigms; that we alone are creating our reality as we go. This is our new normal.

A day for reviewing and refining our internal systems, the work we’ve done so far, as well as an ideal time to share ourselves vulnerably (consider this prep work for the upcoming eclipse). Communication might be wacky as Mercury prepares to move retrograde in a few days; opening a portal just in time for the eclipse on Friday.

Crystal energies: Rose Quartz, Selenite and Smoky Quartz