Astro-Diary July 20th

Sun in Cancer

Moon in Scorpio

Moon sextile Saturn

Moon square Mars

Moon sextile Venus

Moon conjunct Jupiter

Today the Scorpio moon works overtime to serve up transformation with a smile!

Sextile Saturn retrograde in Capricorn and Venus in Virgo- today is all about looking twice and using our discernment to discover what it is we really need most right now. Everything is up for grabs as we look with bold curiosity into dark corners previously left unexplored.

What if we look and see clearly? And in the clarity realize that we don’t like the truth of ourselves that Jupiter in Scorpio is striving to show us?

What if we really are the ‘reason’ our life looks the way it does? Square Mars retrograde in Aquarius, this moon is giving us an opportunity to turn our intensity and drive on ourselves and notice all the ways we manipulate and judge ourselves. And others.

Today is a #truthteller day. Tell the truth to yourself. This is the first step in trusting yourself. Given all the illusions we entertain, it’s no wonder we don’t trust ourselves let alone each other. Use today to get clear about who you really are. And then without self-judgment> Embrace Yourself.

After all, the Universe is designed to respond to you as you really are; a Divine Creator. What would your life look like if you created from your Truth rather than from your Fear?