Astro-Diary July 19th

Sun in Cancer

Moon in Scorpio

Moon sextile Mercury

Sun square Moon

Moon oppose Uranus

The moon moves into Scorpio today; sextile Mercury in Leo and oppose Venus in Taurus, today is a great day to pick one thing to get done and let the rest go.

Scorpio moon energy has a tendency to sharpen things; our focus, our wit and our tempers just to name a few. The mood is broody, moody, sultry and sulky all at once. We are all introspective today, ready to look a little deeper at our inner dramas.

This is a Black Tourmaline and Amber kind of day: so wear ‘em if you got ‘em, and don’t skip your sea salt bath today.

The best medicine today is to nourish that which nourishes you.

Think Turkey from the Native American medicine wheel and give to yourself and other s today in a way that honors all.