Astro-Diary July 17th

Sun in Cancer

Moon in Libra

Sun sextile Moon

Moon square Saturn

Moon trine Mars

The moon moves into the sign of Libra today; encouraging the peace of social justice, gentle comfort and the balance of opposing needs. This is the stuff healthy relationships are made of; where each partner feels equal, their perspectives honored and their voices heard.

The Sun is in it's last days of Cancer, and is working sextile with this Libra Moon to give us the opportunity to review and re-work our relationships in a way that will mutually benefit us all. Part of a mutualistic relationship is that all parties involved experience having their individual needs met such that the relationship as a whole functions smoothly.

A word to the wise here: currently as a collective (and so as individuals), we have not yet created mutualistic relationships as a societal paradigm. Anticipate the messiness of this to rear its head as the Libra Moon squares Saturn retrograde in Capricorn. It's time we recognize that what has been holding us back from accomplishing our goals and dreams in our unwillingness to exist in peace and harmony with ourselves and others.

Our current paradigm for relationships is based on an imbalance of power (both inherent and perceived), and certainly leaves little room for all parties involved to experience themselves as honored and fulfilled.

No matter, we are beginning to accept the unworkability of 'how we've always done things' in this regard, and are eager to create a world that works for us all. Thanks to Mars retrograde in Aquarius trine this Moon, we can now see exactly how we've abused our own power while judging others for doing the same thing.

We were blind (not unlike Lady Justice herself), but thanks to #retrogradeseason and #eclipseseason we are finally beginning to see the impact of our hypocrisy.

The question remains: are we willing to let go of self judgement or our past step into self love; giving ourselves and everyone around us the freedom to experience Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness?

The universe is rooting for us and is ready to lend a helping hand by serving up another healthy dose of reality with the upcoming eclipse on July 27th.

Get Ready. Life as you know it is about to shift. Forever.