Astro-Diary July 16th

Sun in Cancer

Moon in Virgo

Moon sextile Jupiter

Moon oppose Neptune

Moon trine Pluto

Mercury quincux Pluto

Venus quincux Mars

Today is a wild card!

There has been so much clearing and cleansing happening; that in some way we are all 'new' versions of ourselves, yet still not who we are ultimately becoming (or remembering we always were depending on your perspective).

The moon in Virgo is perceptive. It's time to heal, assess, analyze and discern. The energy is thoughtful, sensitive, compassionate and particular. Our focus is shifting from what no longer serves us to what we want to keep and nurture. Sextile Jupiter in Scorpio- the Virgo moon gives us a sense of certainty as we continue to dig deep into our inter-generational stories. Expanding our truth in the depths of Scorpios dark waters seem less frightening with the brilliant and discerning light of the Virgo moon to help us penetrate shadows and focus on what really matters now. Pluto trines this moon ensuring that we emerge nothing less than transformed after our expedition into our inner underworld.

Opposing Neptune, this moon demands that any attempts to hold on to the illusions of the past be met with decisive resistance. With Mercury quincux Pluto and Venus quincux Mars, there really is no telling what's going to come up and out OR who's going to show up and show out today. This is intense and variable energy at work, giving us space to sort out our healing internally as well as inter-personally. With Mars still retrograde for several more weeks, remember to pause before engaging in confrontation. Don't be surprised however at the civil unrest and collective confrontation that surrounds us all.

The eclipse gateway flooded a lot of the shadow realms with light and not everyone was ready or willing for that matter to shift into a higher vibration. Regardless, a rising tide lifts all boats- ready or not the shift has happened. So stay focused on your healing and play your position with a sense of purpose.

We are doing the very thing we came here to do. Everything is happening in Divine Order. Trust Yourself.