Astro-Diary July 14th

Sun in Cancer

Moon in Leo

Moon square Jupiter

Moon conjunct Mercury

Such a great day to recharge in Nature.

By now you probably know that eclipses help us to shift the stagnant energy in our lives, which can be just as uncomfortable as it is transformative.

Eclipse energy really packs a punch, and its effects can be felt for up to six months. Many of us are still integrating the massive shifts from the other day, like the aftershock of an energetic earthquake. The intensity is lessening, but nothing is back to normal.

The mood today is warm and congenial, thanks to the Leo moon, and curiously contemplative as the moon conjuncts Mercury.

The eclipse has shown all of us something we haven’t seen before about our families, ourselves, and our lives. We are left feeling that nothing is certain and strangely ok with that. There is a funny feeling that we’ve forgotten something and we can’t quite put our finger on what that something is. Everything is in the air, and all bets are off. Believe it or not, the ride has just begun. We’re just taking a breather before the full moon eclipse on the 27th later this month.

The best move right now is to make no move at all. Keep calm and trust yourself. We will have clarity of direction and the power of purpose when the dust finally settles mid-September.

If you’re struggling more than you can bear, consider an intuitive reading, a massage, or a hike in the woods, all of which should help you “let go and flow.”