Astro-Diary July 13th

Sun in Cancer

Moon in Leo

Moon Perigee

Moon square Uranus

Moon oppose Mars

Venus trine Saturn

Hey hey hey! It’s Friday the 13th, and you survived yesterday’s energy shift-well, kind of. More accurately, parts of you survived, and that’s the whole idea. We’re in a cosmic shakedown, baby. Please leave all of your karmic waste, negative entities, low vibrational thoughts, and disbelief at the shadow side of the eclipse. Next stop, the life of your dreams in the new Earth. The time for waiting is over. Your new reality is here.

The moon moves into the warm-hearted and courageously bold sign of Leo today. And most of us are ready to step out (now that we’re a thousand times lighter after leaving all that crap behind at the eclipse) and shine brighter, thanks to the influx of crystalline light. Codes that we’ve been downloading since the solstice. This Leo moon is Perigee, meaning the moon is super close to Earth, which means the energy of Leo is lifting us up into our new life, crown and all. But don’t be fooled into thinking the hard part is over. We’ve only begun releasing our matrix programming as a collective.

Our challenge today will be to KNOW that we, and so our world, are new creations in the face of seemingly unchanged circumstances. Square Uranus and oppose Mars. Today’s moon effects will have us tempted to accept our past reality as our current truth, and lacking the drive to question authority. After all, we feel better today.

Thank goodness Venus is trine Saturn, however. Showing us just how our new divine energy flow supports our goals and accomplishments in reality.

Don’t expect to “do” much of anything today. Allow yourself to “be,” especially outside. If you must take action, notice that what you’re drawn to accomplish today is in the domain of creation versus duty.

After all, we are architects of the New Earth; and this is the Rise of the Golden Dawn of Humanity, Satya Yuga.