Astro-Diary July 12th

Sun and New Moon in Cancer

Sun oppose Pluto

Sun conjunct Moon

Moon trine Jupiter

Moon trine Neptune

Moon oppose Pluto

Mercury quincux Neptune

Partial Solar Eclipse

Okay , so if I had to sum up the energy today with a modern phrase it would be 'the dirty dirty.'

Today we are ALL in our feelings about something or someone. Our emotions are pressing in on us, and yet with the Sun and Moon opposing Pluto, we don't feel like diving deep to the source of our discontent. Rather we are okay stewing in our emotional brew, daring someone to say something that might be supportive so we can quip back how we don't need their help thank you very much.

On that note, if you see someone drowning in the feelings today; keep moving. This is retrograde season and there is a New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer. We are SUPPOSED to be dealing with our own internal dramas, learning from our ancestral and karmic pasts- recognizing what to keep as our own; and what to let go of as no longer needed. Use today to do your own inner work and healing, and give others the space and the privilege to do the same. Don't be a distraction to someone's healing by playing the role of savior, and don't be distracted by someone close to you playing the role of victim. It just ain't that kind of party today.

All this watery motion is trine Neptune and thank goodness for that at least. It's like the Universe is giving us a life raft in the form of visions of grandeur; peeks and glimpses of what is possible for our life AFTER we've powerfully dealt with all the dirt that been hidden under the masks we wear. Thanks to this eclipse though, we're left choking on our own dirt, and the Universe is kind enough to remind us what could be if we would just let go of what has always been.

All of us are dealing with what has been left previously undealt with so far. And let's face it, we haven't dealt with this dirty for fear of appearing dirty. No matter, this eclipse happening in Cancer brings the spotlight of Truth close to home; leaving us vulnerable and naked in our most intimate relationships.

We've grown comfortable in our fear, as nasty as it is. Yet many of us are looking around desperately crying out for someone, something to save us from ourselves. Well here's a #retrograderealitycheck; no one is coming to save us. No one can save us from ourselves, but us. We are prisoners of our own creation. We created our current reality and now the Universe is throwing us a key in the form of this eclipse season.

The only way out is in. We must go within the depths of our darkness and love ourselves free. After all, what has kept us imprisoned is fear of ourselves. The truth is we've always been free. Free to create reality as we see fit, and now we're faced with the reality we've created. One of separation, despair, loneliness and pain.

We do have the power to create newly and thats what this New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse is all about.

So, stop indulging your emotions as your reality. Your emotions are simply the indicator of whether or not the reality you're creating is aligned with your soul's purpose or not. Start creating a creating a reality from what you truly desire; a reality worthy of your power, your vision and your divinity. Stop lying to yourself- there's actually NOTHING wrong with you- you're just a reluctant ruler. You'd rather give someone or some system authority over your life and that ish is no longer being tolerated in the New Earth.

You are God, Sovereign and Free.

Be Who You Are

Love Yourself

and I'll see you on the other side of the illusion of separation.