Astro-Diary July 11th

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Sun and Moon in Cancer

Moon sextile Venus

Moon Sextile Uranus

Moon conjunct Saturn

Venus trine Uranus

Venus quincux Chiron

The Sun and Moon join hands in the watery womb of Cancer prepped and ready for the rebirth promised with tomorrows New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse.

So let's get straight to the point: this whole year is set up astrologically to give us the tools to love ourselves free. After all, Charity starts at home.

Today's energies are such a great conduit for doing just that. Cancer's warm nurturing embrace provides us with the backdrop of maternal love as it works sextile with Venus in Virgo and Uranus in Taurus to encourage us to let go of our outdated past-based notions of love and romance.

Venus in Virgo usually has us feel lonely in love and misunderstood - but this placement conjunct Saturn, trine Uranus and quincux Chiron is actually showing us all the ways we've settled for 'close enough' in love, guided by our wounds, hurts and fears- rather than our wishes, dreams and desires.

Speaking of desires, the heavens are hosting 7 celestial bodies in retrograde motion now. Jupiter is stationed in a shadow period-preparing to move direct; and giving us a sense of space and clarity as we continue to delve into the internal lessons this retrograde season is helping us to learn.

All this retrograde action serves to turn our attention inward, as if the universe is demanding that we begin to truly Know Ourselves. After all, we tend to trust that which we know. Much of our discontent has stemmed from our not knowing ourselves- and so not trusting ourselves, but then blaming our mistrust of self on the people around us.

Saturn has been on our case showing us time and again that this false reality leads us further away from our purpose and stifles our passion.

Use today to get close to yourself. Love Yourself the way you want others to love you. Reality check: Only Love is Real and we are All One. To paraphrase a well known quote from the greatest lover of all time: " Love Yourself as God; then love your neighbor as Yourself."


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