Astro-Diary July 10th

Sun in Cancer

Moon in Gemini

Moon sextile Mercury

Moon square Uranus

Jupiter stations Direct in Scorpio

There is a cleansing afoot thanks to the combined retrograde and eclipse energies.

Today you will find it easy to communicate your truth in a clear, courageous and coherent way as the Gemini moon is sextile Mercury in Leo.

Square Uranus in Taurus, the energy of today is no longer focused on what comprises your sense of stability and security, but is lasering in on expanding your quest for truth and recognizing opportunities to show up as a leader for yourself.

We are in the grips of the upcoming eclipse now- and the key here on out is to: 'let go and flow'. This is the time to put into play all the work around non-resistance we've done so far.

No matter what comes up in the next 3 weeks, don't resist!

Trust the universe, know that this is a divine purge and surge of light and love designed to purify and heal the planet and all who inhabit her multiple realms and dimensions.

Trust Yourself. You were created with this time in mind of the Eternal Now.


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