Astro-Diary August 9th

Sun in Leo

Moonà Leo

Moon oppose Pluto

Moon oppose Mars

Venus quincux Neptune

Venus square Saturn

What an interesting line up today. It’s almost as if today won’t get started until what seems much later in the day.

We are in fact, being given the space to just Be today. We have downloaded a lot already and still have the final eclipse of the year coming up on Saturday.

Don’t be surprised if you just cant seem to get started today. Yet another day to expect surprises as you ‘let go and flow’.

The Moon moves in Leo tonight getting ready for the New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse on the 11th. Oppose Pluto Rx in Capricorn, and Mars Rx in Aquarius- today isn’t the day for stubbornness or resistance. Great strides forward in our overall goals can be made today if we are willing to open up and let what comes up come out.

Thanks to Venus quite comfortable on her throne in Libra and quincux Uranus Rx in Taurus, we are drawn to what nourishes us from the inside out. Square Saturn Rx in Capricorn- the overall feeling is that this isn’t about working on our goals; but more so about just doing what comes up for us naturally, trusting that whatever we do WILL forward our goals.

Mercury Rx in Leo is quincux Neptune in Pisces; such a great aspect to really communicate what we see in our minds eye. Today our dreams and visions can come to life if we will trust ourselves enough to say them out loud.

Go ahead.

Be Who You Are.