Astro-Diary August 8th

Sun Leo

Moon Cancer

Sextile Uranus Rx Taurus

Oppose Saturn

Trine Jupiter

Trine Neptune

Sun quincux Neptune

Conjunct Mercury

Venus oppose Chiron

We all feel the energy today! Whether you feel lazy, dazy or hazy – the energy influx from the Lion’s Gate peaks today. Expect power surges in your body, technology, and even electricity.

The key to navigating today’s waves are no resistance and trusting yourself.

The moon is in Cancer enhancing “All the feels”. Sextile Uranus who moved Rx in Taurus yesterday – expect the unexpected across the board – but especially in your emotions. Don’t be surprised if your day includes: tears, laughter, anger and sadness – perhaps seemingly at the same time!

Trine Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces while opposing Saturn in Capricorn – this Cancer Moon signals that we might not feel like accomplishing much of anything other than being today.

The Leo Sun is quincux Neptune in Pisces and conjunct Mercury Rx in Leo causing a short circuit in our communications, as well as a disconnect from our imagination.

This gives us the opportunity to drop the B.S. mask and stand eye to eye with the truth about ourselves and our heart’s desire.

Venus in Libra opposes Chiron in Aries asking us to balance our love and our pain.

We’ve been through a lot and the universe wants us to get the lessons we’ve learned so far and integrate them.

The time for suffering is over. Suffering is a choice and we are being shown that when we choose Love – suffering ceases.

True harmony exists in the lack of judgment.

Trust that you and every moment that led you to this one is perfect – and always has been.


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