Astro-Diary August 7th

Sun in Leo

Moon in Cancer

Moon sextile Mercury

Moon square Venus

Venus trine Mars

Uranus Rx

Let’s start with the proverbial elephant in the room. Uranus moves Rx today giving us the benefit of having 8 heavenly bodies Rx now (I do include Lilith in my count although I do not include her transits in the Astro-Diary report, rather only in personal readings).

Personal freedom is what it's all about as rebel planet Uranus Retrograde 2018 starts today in Taurus and ends on January 6, 2019 in Aries. Now is the time to look at life from a fresh perspective, toss out the old ways of doing things, and create a whole new world, from the inside out. In other words, This is a time of inner change in response to external changes in your life.

After seven years in fiery Aries, Uranus just entered stable Taurus a couple months ago, so we're just at the beginning of a profound period of change. Whatever you have been stuck with or unable to shift, Uranus retrograde lets you process things internally before you manifest the external change once Uranus turns direct January 2019 by inducing the internal changes in attitude or behaviors necessary to make the desired change possible.

Ruler of Forward-thinking Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus has us transforming our value systems; individually and collectively. Fixed and Earthy Taurus is ruled by Venus the planet of relationships, love, beauty and wealth, and this Uranus in Taurus aspect will leave us with new paradigms of relationships between ourselves and each other, the planet and our values (internal and economic).

Venus in Libra is trine Mars Rx in Aquarius today giving us a chance to align our internal feminine and masculine energies; our sense of beauty and romance with our raw sexual drive. A perfect pairing for the passionate Leo Sun. At the same time Venus is squaring off with the Gemini Moon, asking us to consider how harmonious life could be; living from our heart versus living from our head. By now many of us have taken on the challenge of aligning our hearts and minds. Today we get a boost in morale as the Moon sextiles Mercury Rx in Leo; highlighting another opportunity to use our emotions as a gauge for the authenticity of our words and alignment of our thoughts.

Of course today is the last bit of preparation for us as the Lion’s Gate will be fully open tomorrow… Each year on July 26th, the sun, the earth, and the star Sirius move to specific points in the sky, creating an opening between the physical and spiritual worlds. On the 8th of August, the alignment reaches its highest point, and this gateway is known as the “8:8 Lion’s Gate” due to it peaking on August 8th in Leo, represented by a lion.

Sirius rises each year during midsummer and is associated with new beginnings, new insights, new light, new awareness, and new thinking, and brings with it new levels of conscious awakening. This year the Lion’s Gate will be closely followed by a New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse on Saturday. A double blast of cosmic energy for us to integrate as we endeavor to manifest Heaven on Earth or as some of us like to call it: The New Earth.

The effects of this energy will likely show in signs of increased anxiety, irritability, frustration, impatience, lethargy, and forgetfulness, as we move toward a major junction in our lives–and there is no going back. Once we cross over the threshold on August 8th, we will be making decisions about important aspects of our life, so the Lion’s Gate portal really is a “before and after” stage—from that date onward, our lives may change beyond recognition.

This portal is capable of opening up and nourishing our heart chakra and bringing a tangible energetic wave filled with unconditional love for those who are open and willing to receive it.

To ease your own experience of this major shift: meditate, ground, cleanse and rest. Use yoga, sacred sex, sea salt baths, selenite, rose quartz, emerald and any other crystal that supports the opening of your heart chakras. Take time to do a Chakra system check for low vibrating or closed chakras, ideally we want to be as open as possible to download and integrate all of the energy flowing our way this week.

On another note, the Perseid Meteor Shower follows Saturday’s eclipse. Meteors illuminate what was previously obscured. Allow yourself to receive whatever Divine Messages that are available at this time as this meteor shower is all about love, wisdom and advancement of spiritual learning.

Know that your Being is all that you are asked to focus on now.

Trust Yourself.

See you on the other side.