Astro-Diary August 6th

Sun in Leo

Moon in Gemini

Sun square Jupiter

Sun sextile Moon

Moon square Neptune

Venus à Libra

Good Goddess what a week ahead!

We have a BIG week in terms of planetary movement which always signifies change for us on Earth.

For starters, Venus moves into Libra today. Venus is one of the rulers of Libra so this is a very beneficial placement for the planet of Love, Beauty, Harmony and Wealth. We know have the space to experience a much needed boost in our sense of harmony and balance (with ourselves and others). We find that all the retrograde and eclipse action has been serving to uncover our authentic selves and our true feelings are now starting to surface as it comes to love and romance.

Speaking of love and romance, no one does it better than Leo, and the Leo Sun is sextile the Gemini Moon, giving us the opportunity to align our head and our heart. The ultimate work of humanity.

In the meantime, the Sun squares Jupiter in Scorpio- showing us the crux of this work really is an inside job. We are pointed to ourselves as the place to make a difference rather than the world around us. It’s so easy to see what’s happening on the planet and think that all the change must happen out there…when the reality is change MUST occur internally on an individual level before we can ever manifest and experience it outside of ourselves. The Moon squares Neptune to make sure ‘we keep it real’ in this regard. We’ve come too far to be distracted by the false flags and projections of fear that have kept us enslaved up until now.

How do we focus on Self as the access to the World? Think of yourself as a flower and allow yourself to open and bloom today. This sense of opening will be critical as we approach the partial solar eclipse on Saturday. Flowers do not compare themselves with each other- rather they bloom right where they are, affecting everything around them as they do.

One of the themes this month will be ‘Inner Beauty’. We are being shown that all of us are beautiful and it is only the fear based illusions we have bought into that has had us judging ourselves and others to the contrary. Imagine if you will we are all flowers and the Begonias are depressed because they are not Daisies! Just like a garden of flowers, the family of humanity is full of colorful and beautiful people each one of us radiant in our splendid way.

Use the energies of the day to discover beauty within and all around you. Let your own beauty shine forth like the brilliant light of the sun. Beauty soothes, comforts, uplifts and heals. This is part of our task to shift from doing into Being.

Take time to honor and appreciate that which brings beauty to your life and harmony to your soul.

Be Beautiful &

Trust Yourself


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