Astro-Diary August 5th

Sun in Leo

Moon in Gemini

Moon square Pluto

Moon trine Venus

Moon trine Mars

Mercury Perigee

This past week left us with new insights into how much we don’t value ourselves; individually or collectively, and how much we allow others to devalue us as well.

The lessons continue as the Moon moves into Gemini this evening. Encouraging us to talk it all out, this moon moves us to communicate what we’ve been experiencing so far. Thanks to the ruler of Gemini- Mercury moving Rx in Leo (and being Perigree to Earth), today’s energy may have communications be spotty, technology glitchy and our thoughts scattered.

No matter this Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn, as Gemini is not known for going deep. Rather Gemini, an air sign- oversees thoughts, communications and the principle of duality. Today is about dealing with what on the surface and right under our noses so to speak.

Trine both Venus and Mars; this is a red-letter day for the Twin Flame dynamic.

The Gemini Moon seeks to express the internal balance of our feminine and masculine energies. So much of what we experience as chaos (internally and externally) is due to an imbalance of masculine and feminine energy. And that is what the Twin Flame Mission is all about.

We’ve been living like our blindness to our wholeness, our collective denial of our greatness is an individual issue- at best a victimless crime and nobody’s business but our own. We couldn’t be anymore mistaken. The Truth is; every time we choose our past over our present, our stories over our truth and the comfort of familiarity over our greatness- we stifle and impede the very future WE SAY we want from manifesting (a future of Peace and Prosperity for all).

All of us have been selling out on ourselves and what is really possible for our lives in some way or another. Until Now.

Allow this Gemini Moon to work it’s magick and bring much needed balance to your life and your surroundings.

After all, your desires are divinely inspired and you deserve your desires.