Astro-Diary September 4th

Updated: Sep 6, 2018

Sun in Virgo

Moon in Cancer

Moon sextile Uranus

Moon oppose Saturn

Don’t feel bad if all you want to do today is…well to feel.

The Moon moves home to the sign of Cancer this morning and we are all the feels all the time today.

This Cancer Moon opposes Saturn Rx in Capricorn, refusing to let us focus on our physical mundane tasks, and is sextile Uranus Rx in Taurus- urging us instead to take stock of how we live our personal life.

We are in the depths of emotions as we ponder how to balance progress with tradition- the future with the past.

Cancer rules the heart, hearth and home while Taurus rules money, work, security, food, art and music, both interested in comfort and safety. Uranus however is the planet of innovation, revolution and rebellion. Today we are being shown what has really been blocking our sense of success and security. We are able to feel the truth of our situation and work with this energy to embrace the change that is not only inevitable, but critical to our survival.

Emotions may run high or they may run deep – no matter how they run- this is a day of sensitive temperaments and silent tears.

Give yourself and others the Freedom to just Be.

After all, we are all dealing with and healing something these days.