Astro-Diary August 4th

Sun in Leo

Moon in Taurus

Sun square Moon

Moon oppsoe Jupiter

Moon sextile Neptune

Mercury Quincux Pluto

Moon square Mercury

Today we are being blasted with high-vibe energy from the Great Central Sun; opening the Lion’s Gate even further and flooding our physical forms with new, pure light.

Thanks to the Taurus Moon, we are drawn to slow our pace and absorb this influx of light at our own pace. The Sun in Leo squares the Moon in Taurus driving our energy high as our bodies slow …

Oppose Jupiter in Scorpio and sextile Neptune Rx in Pisces, the current Moon is asking us to feel our way to balance; internally and externally, rather than furtively digging for deeper truths.

We’ve done plenty of that and it’s time to integrate the deeper truths we’ve uncovered thus far.

The Moon squares Mercury Rx in Leo and Mercury is quincux Pluto Rx in Capricorn- so don’t be too worried if you don’t feel your sharpest or on top of your game today. Instead focus on what brings you comfort, what leaves you nourished and that which nurtures your soul today.

We are in the process of emerging as True Ones as we establish the New Earth.

Be Easy with yourself and others today.