Astro-Diary August 3rd

Sun in Leo

Moon in Taurus

Moon square Mars

Moon conjunct Uranus

Mars sextile Chiron

Moon trine Saturn

The moon moves into Earthy Taurus this afternoon. A much needed energy reprieve for us all.

We’ve been flying high and tumbling head over feet with nothing but our trust in ourselves and the Universe to support us.

Today is the day to allow yourself to breathe and awaken to what is new around you. Just as the sign of Taurus represents the Spring season, this Moon is out to highlight the areas of our lives where we have yet to acknowledge what has withered away and what remains.

The Taurus Moon is trine Saturn in Capricorn, teaching us to bring our internal desires into manifest material reality. Conjunct Uranus in Taurus; this Moon shows us that our manifesting power lies outside of the box and exists way beyond anything we’ve ‘already done’. In other words, thanks to all of the shifting and upgrading this year- we have also upgraded our manifestation process and the way we accomplish our goals.

In case you are not clear about the recent upgrades: this Taurean Moon awakens us to our new reality by squaring with Mars Rx in Aquarius; abuses of power (also known as force) will no longer produce results. Mars itself is sextile Chiron Rx in Aries, really urging us to heal and deal with our past paradigm of perceived power and success that has left billions of us diseased, at war with each other, and living in poverty- all in the name of progress.

There has ALWAYS been another way for humanity to evolve.

The Goddess has returned.

And now we have been shifted and upgraded to a collective timeline of a higher frequency; one that calls for the balance of the Divine Masculine AND the Divine Feminine- working in concert. The low-vibe frequencies of the past are null and void now.

Those still trying to use force, manipulation and deceit will not be successful, and we will watch their failure on a global stage so that we all know that the old ways of suppression and oppression are no more.

Welcome to the New Earth!

Authenticity is Power

Self Love is Authenticity

And you can’t love yourself if you don’t



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