Astro-Diary August 31st

Sun in Virgo

Moon in Taurus

Sun trine Moon

Moon sextile Neptune

The intelligent Virgo Sun trines the practical Taurus Moon and the day proceeds as planned. For the most part. Thanks to this earthy duo, we may find that we accomplish things earlier than planned today!

The Moon sextiles Neptune Rx in Pisces tonight as we sleep, the ideal aspect for bringing our dreams to life. Literally.

We have seen and grown so much this year already; and many of us are holding a vision in our minds eye of what lies before us. Expect dreams tonight, dreams that show you details of the big picture vision in your mind. Dreams that answer questions, and that unconceal blind spots- supporting you turning what seems to be a fantasy into your reality.

Use today’s flow from Earth to Water energy to move your desires from the realm of cause into the realm of effect. Continue to clear space in your physical and psychic environments such that you have the capacity to materialize your desires with velocity.

Acknowledge the success you’ve already had, and be willing to see your failures as they truly are: practice.

Forgive yourself and others today. Listen closely to others, especially when you know you’re right. Be grateful for what you have, have learned, and have yet to manifest.

Know that everything is as it ‘should’ be.

Stay Humble

Stay Focused

Stay Blessed