Astro-Diary August 30th

Sun Virgo

Moon Aries àTaurus (6:30pm PDT)

Moon oppose Venus

Moon square Mars

Moon conjunct Uranus

Moon trine Saturn

The moon shifts from Aries into Taurus tonight giving today a odd feeling of contradictions as well as a sense of being ungrounded until the Moon settles into Earthy Taurus.

Mostly we feel stymied in the areas where we are still honoring our fear over our desires.

While in Aries, the Moon opposes Venus in Libra and squares Mars in Capricorn, making today less than ideal for working out difference between the masculine and feminine and far better suited for focusing on our own personal paths to success.

As the Moon moves into Taurus, the mood becomes friendly and stubborn. We are urged to dig in our heels and put steady and persistent action into what we have already started.

The Taurean Moon moves conjunct Uranus Rx in Taurus giving is the strength we need to stand frim in our new estimation of our value and what we are capable of producing. Trine Saturn Rx in Capricorn, this Moon favors consistency and discipline over bravado and quick action.

Just what we need to follow through on all that we have discovered and created over the past 3 months.

Trust Yourself and Fly